Overstimulation: how to deal with it


All those stimuli from inside and outside can sometimes become too much to bear. So how do you deal with overstimulation? Here are two tips.

What exactly is ‘stimulation’? Simply put: it’s an excess of signals. Think of a busy room, a light that’s too bright, loud noises or a person who demands a lot of attention. If you can’t process all of these stimuli because they keep on piling up, then you become overwhelmed. So, how can you release that tension? Here are two ways:

Create moments for recovery

Prevention is better than cure. By planning (fixed) moments in the week or day in which you don’t have to do anything at all, you’ll minimize your chances of getting overstimulated. Take the occasional walk on your own, meditate every night before you go to sleep or find something else that will help you relax.

Find the silence

If things get too much for you, look for a space where it is completely quiet. If you are at home, that can simply be an empty room. If you’re at work or a party, escaping to the restroom for a few minutes can help a lot.

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Text Bente van de Wouw  Translation Julia Gorodecky  Photography Fezbot2000/Unsplash.com