4 tips on how to recharge at the weekend

Recharge: Those two days at the end of the week are the perfect opportunity to do exactly that. Yet, we are often less rested on Sunday evening than we had hoped. So how do you make it easier to recharge your batteries at the weekend? Here are four tips.

Away with the phone

Quickly answering an email, scrolling through Instagram and Facebook, and sending a message here and there: that constant activity on your phone is distracting and causes you to feel restless. Perhaps that mail can wait until Monday? And Instagram and Facebook aren’t exactly going anywhere. So, try switching your phone off for a day and see what this does for you. Do you feel calmer now that it isn’t glued to your hand? And what can you do during those moments that you would normally be looking at your blue screen?

Discover what recharges you

Seems pretty obvious right? But do you really know? One person finds happiness in an afternoon spent on the couch with a book; another simply recharges by being with friends. Discover what works for you and try to schedule this in as standard every weekend. A visit to the gym, walking on the beach, discovering a new hobby or visiting that newly opened restaurant: Do what feels right to you.

Don’t rush

Just because the weekend is just around the corner, doesn’t mean that you’re suddenly no longer in a hurry. Even on our days off, we often find ourselves running from here to there. Because we want to do all the fun things, but we also need to do our grocery shopping and give our home some TLC with a mop and duster. Try to start your weekend a bit more relaxed by not planning too much and accepting that you don’t have to cram everything in to one day. If you don’t manage to get something done, there’s always next weekend…

Get your sleep

In the words of Norwegian neuroscientist Claire Sexton: “Sleep has been proposed to be ‘the brain’s housekeeper’.” During the hours that we sleep, our brains are repaired and recover, and that’s a good start when it comes to feeling rested. Therefore, use the weekend to get enough sleep. Dive into bed a little earlier or get up a little later if possible.

Text  Bente van de Wouw, Translation Julia Gorodecky, Photography Zanda Photography / Unsplash.com