5 tips to help when you’re stressed

Tips against stress

What can you do when you’re stressed out of hovering on the edge of a nervous breakdown? Here are some tips against stress from psychologist and mindfulness trainer Karin Rekvelt.

  1. Accept that stress is a natural part of life. When you feel tired, edgy and depleted: give that feeling some space.
  2. Only do what you have to. Cut all non-essential activities from your agenda, in work as well as in your private life. Cancel social appointments too; especially those that seem like a lot of fun – it might seem like a leisure activity but in reality it costs more energy than you realize.
  3. Make sure you sleep well. Slowing down in the evening helps you fall asleep: listen to calm music, read a book, and teach yourself tp do relaxing exercises before you go to bed.
  4. Consider doing a mindfulness or yoga class.
  5. Don’t think of stress as your enemy, but as a fascinating process that engages you to listen to your mind and body. You might also benefit from having someone else around who can help you see it that way.

Text Anneke BotsĀ  Photography Rosalie Lyons/Unsplash.com

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