Monika’s Book Tip

There are some books that will always stay with us. Regular Flow illustrator Jennifer Orkin Lewis kicked off our new book blog last week with a book that made a big impression on her. Now, she passes the baton over to illustrator Monika Forsberg from London.

“My love for the written word began early. My parents always had a pile of library books next to them on their bedside tables. I remember lying next to my mum pretending to read the books from her pile, wishing that I too could read. Eventually I learned to read and, from then on, throughout my childhood I spent a lot of time in libraries. I read everything. Reading is magic; I have visited so many different worlds through the wonder of words.

Nowadays though I find it difficult to find time to read, what with my work and family life. That’s why I listen to audiobooks instead. Recently I listened to The Fisherman by Chigozie Obioma, and was completely spellbound. It’s about conflicts between the traditional and the modern. Myth, superstition, football, politics, history and childhood are woven together in a fascinating story of four brothers growing up in Nigeria. It takes place in a country that is so different from mine, but happening parallel in time.”

Monika Forsberg is a Swedish-born illustrator, animator and mother of two based in London. She describes her work as, “a quirky explosion of color and humor. Using pen, paper and paint my work is a fusion of everyday observation and fantasy”.

  • Monika Forsberg’s book tip follows that of Jennifer Orkin Lewis, and next week, it will be the turn of illustrator Victoria Johnson, who will share which book has proved to be unforgettable for her.

Illustration: Jennifer Orkin Lewis