Jennifer’s Book Tip

There are some books that will always stay with us. In the Dutch special, Flow Books and Reading, one of the paper extras is a ‘Books to Remember’ notebook especially for these kinds of books. It’s perfect for writing down the special details that you don’t want to forget. Regular Flow illustrator Jennifer Orkin Lewis created the artwork for the notebook, and we asked her which book has made a big impression on her.

“I have been a member of a book club for 25 years and I found this a really difficult question. After long deliberation and contemplation, I’d have to say it’s 4321 by Paul Auster. It was the book we read over the summer, and I thought it was great. It is an insanely long story that follows the life of a boy as he grows and becomes an adult. It’s actually four different versions of his life story, in which you discover what happens when certain circumstances change in that particular story.”

“The book club I belong to used to meet up once a month, but nowadays everyone is so busy that we get together once every two or three months at The Hat Shop in New York, US, which belongs to one of the members. We try out hats and talk about the books. One of the nice things about the book club is that I read books I would never choose myself. We read all sorts of genres and each member chooses a title in turn.”

American artist Jennifer Orkin Lewis designs, paints and illustrates for various clients (her work is regularly featured in Flow, and can be found in the latest Flow Book for Paper Lovers, too) and she is the author of the book, Draw Every Day, Draw Every Way. For the past four years, Jennifer has been sharing drawings from her sketchbook on a daily basis on Instagram.

  • Jennifer now passes the Book-to-Remember baton to London-based, Swedish-born illustrator Monika Forsberg. Find out which book she will never forget, here on our blog next week

Illustration Jennifer Orkin Lewis