How to take a mindful minute

mindful minute

Are you in the middle of a busy day at work running from meeting to meeting? A mindful minute can bring you back to the here and now.

You can use this technique if your mind becomes too busy or just before an important meeting or conversation:

  1. Center yourself (± 20 seconds)
    Feel your feet in contact with the ground. Imagine that they are roots in the ground and that your legs are tree trunks that hold you securely in place. Use your feet as an anchor for your attention.
  2. Acknowledge what’s going on (± 20 seconds)
    Now focus your attention on everything that is happening: the thoughts that come to you, the sounds, the smells, and bodily sensations. Acknowledge them and let them go without judging them. Just pay attention to the present moment.
  3. Take a mindful pause (± 20 seconds)
    Now focus your attention solely on your breathing. Feel the breath coming in and out of your body. If thoughts arise, kindly acknowledge them, and then let them go.

After the exercise, reflect on how you feel. Do you feel different than before the exercise? How are you handling your work / meetings / conversations now?

Source: Mindfulness at Work For Dummies.

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