More grace in our lives


American author and dance critic Sarah Kaufman says we’d all be a lot happier if we allow more grace into our lives. We give ten tips. 

  1.  Slow down. Rushing and grace don’t go together.
  2. Practice being tolerant. Really listen to other people.
  3. Make space for others—on the sidewalk, in the train, in a café, at a meeting, in your life.
  4. Try to make things easy for other people.
  5. Don’t be hard to please. Accept compliments, or a seat offered on public transport. You can make other people feel good about what they are doing that way.
  6. Lighten your load. Take off shoes that pinch your feet. Free yourself of heavy bags.
  7. Move. Do yoga. Dance. It is easier to be gracious when your body is supple and relaxed.
  8. Practice being alert. Find grace where you least expect it.
  9. Be generous.
  10. Enjoy! Raise your glass to life!
  • You can read more about the story ‘More grace in our lives’ in Issue 21.

Text Annemiek Leclaire Illustration Marijke Buurlage