How to stay in the moment

“Where has the time flown?!” We often find ourselves asking this question, which is a pity. Here are three suggestions for taking time out, to stay in the moment. 

  1. Go off tech.
    Switch off all your devices, even if for just a couple of minutes, each day. Close your eyes, focus on your breath and just enjoy the sounds around you and the stillness within.
  2. Take a mindful walk.
    Even when you are walking, you can turn each step into a mindful one: take a deep breath with every stride; be conscious of the contact your feet make with the ground, look at what you pass and listen to the sounds.
  3. Savor each meal.
    Cooking a meal enables you to explore your creativity and disconnect yourself from the day’s stress. So throw yourself into it wholeheartedly: enjoy the preparation, enjoy the meal, and enjoy the meditative sense it brings, too.

Text Julia Gorodecky Photography Shutterstock