Waterland-cabin Eindhoven

We’re gathering the addresses of the best B&Bs, hotels and other overnight locations we can find. All of which, we feel, are great places to go for a weekend or a bit longer. If you like the simple life, then the small but lovely Waterland-cabin in Eindhoven (the Netherlands) a definite go-to.

What makes Waterland-cabin a great place to stay?
Waterland-cabin may be small but it has everything you need: a shower, toilet, kitchen and sleeping mezzanine. It’s located at Strijp-S, a former Philips site in Eindhoven and one of Europe’s largest urban development areas with great industrial heritage, cute coffee shops, pop-up stores and restaurants. Waterland-cabin is the Netherlands’ first “tiny-house,” a phenomenon that has taken America by storm in the bid for a simpler way of life. The cabin is on wheels, which means it can be taken anywhere in the Netherlands, but for the moment, its temporary abode is Strijp-S.

What’s for breakfast?
Breakfast is served by the ladies of ’t Koffiehuisje, the smallest and loveliest bar at Strijp-S. They serve hearty sandwiches, a warm croissant, fresh orange juice, boiled eggs and a variety of spreads. And of course, their breakfast would not be complete without their delicious coffee.

Our Tip
Strijp-S is a huge playground. One of the early pioneers in this area is the neighboring skate hall Area-51, which is worth a visit even to just take a look. If you’re not so handy with a skateboard, there’s also the Natlab cinema and the Urban-Shopper, with 20 specialty shops ranging from industrial furniture to trendy children’s clothing.

Good food
There are too many restaurants to mention, from the stylish (Wynwood) to the industrial (Radio Royaal). Our tip: Retro Fondue restaurant in the old locker room of the former Philips toolmaking factory.

Good to know
Waterland-cabin is a prototype. The initiators want to develop it further and are working on a living-work project at the Eindhoven NRE terrain. For more information or if you are interested in living in a “tiny house,” please contact: mailto:info@waterland-huisje.nl

The Waterland-cabin costs € 95 per night for two people, including breakfast.

Photography: Maartje Meesterberends Concept; Styling: Ingrid Hamels