Three hut-to-hut hiking trips in Europe

Walking from hut to hut for a few days or longer can be adventurous and relaxing. Here are three hut-to-hut hiking trips in Europe.

Dingle Way, Ireland

This 179-km hike runs around the Dingle Peninsula in County Kerry, Ireland. You start in Tralee and walk around the peninsula over the course of about a week to end up back at your starting point. The walk is known for its variety in landscape; the ocean is always close by and you walk across various pastoral farmlands and sandy beaches.

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Tour des Combins, Switzerland and Italy

During this six-day mountain trail you will hike around the Combins massif (which stands at 4,134 m), on both sides of the border between Switzerland and Italy. There are mountain huts along the trail that you can stay in at the end of each day, although reservations for them must be made well in advance. The hike is demanding, but good for the average walker.

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Jotunheimen, Norway

This mountain range in Scandinavia consists of a group of high mountains that can be hiked over nine days. In the middle of the Jotunheimen National Park, you’ll find the Gjende, an 18km-long proglacial lake that has a characteristic blue-green color. The hike here is tough, but the views during it more than pay off.

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