Autumn’s tiny house

What’s it like to live small? Tiny housers from all over the world tell us a bit more about the tiny lifestyle. Autumn lives with her husband and toddler in a trailer in California. 

Where is your tiny house located?
“We have moved eight times since we bought our trailer. It is currently in Truckee, California.”

Why did you choose to live smaller?
“My husbands line of work has him traveling all over the US, for short and long hauls. We decided to move into a trailer so we could raise our babies and travel together.”

What makes living in a tiny house so nice?
“The best thing about living tiny is being able to travel. My children can experience a different lifestyle while they are young enough to travel fulltime and do it from the comfort of our own home.”

Are there things that make it difficult to live so small?
“Living in a tiny home with a toddler can make the trailer go from clean to catastrophic in ten minutes flat, no joke. Sometimes I’ll clean a room and literally turn back around and there’s Bear, pulling anything and everything out onto the floor again.”

What is your golden tip for everyone who wants to live smaller or live with less stuff?
“Love what you bring into your home. It’s so easy to live with less when you love every single item you bring into your life.”

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Photography Autumn Bailey