Luke’s tiny house

What’s it like to live small? Tiny housers from all over the world tell us a bit more about the tiny lifestyle. Luke lives with his family in a schoolbus in the United States. 

Where is your tiny house located?
“We are currently living in the small town of Yorkville Illinois, but we’ve ben to 37 differents states in the US with our house on wheels.”

Why did you choose to live smaller?
“We chose to live this way so that we could break away from the mundane and see the world around us, all while being together as a family.”

What makes living in a tiny house so nice?
“The simplicity, low cost of living, and of course the mobility. Also in a tiny house, the few things you do have are the things you truly enjoy and cherish.”

Are there things that make it difficult to live so small?
“Living tiny isn’t without some challenges. Sometimes we feel like we don’t have room to buy large quantities of essentials due to limited storage or too many rainy days in a row can old fast. Spending our free time outside is important.”

What is your golden tip for everyone who wants to live smaller or live with less stuff?
“It’s not for everyone but if you want to do it, don’t let other people tell you it’s impossible. It’s a rewarding change of pace and may just change your entire outlook on life as usual.”

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Photography Luke Davis