Sleeping in a floating tent

For those who don’t always want to feel their feet on the ground, here’s something worth a try: go camp in a tent that, yes that’s right, floats in the air.

It may seem scary, but it’s less stressful than you think and it’s also incredibly adventurous. With the aid of three strong straps and rachets you can set up your tent in about fifteen minutes. Why sleep on bumpy woodland when you can hover and dream over rivers, a lake or maybe in a cave or on the beach instead? As long as you have something to attach the tent to, you can in principle set up camp anywhere (if it’s permitted of course).

An additional advantage of sleeping up in the air is that you aren’t bothered by insects so much and that you don’t get wet bases due to rain: the drops simply slide off the sides. The tents are made by Tentsile, and they come in different shapes and sizes, from 1-person to 6-person tents.

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Text Bente van de Wouw, Translation Julia Gorodecky, Photography @ianmastenbrook & @driz5