Ashley’s tiny house

What’s it like to live small? Tiny housers from all over the world tell us a bit more about the tiny lifestyle. Ashley lives with her husband and three children in an RV in Southern California. 

Where is your tiny house (RV) located?
“Our RV is located on land we bought six months ago. We are living on the land while we build a house.”

Why did you choose to live smaller?
“I would absolutely choose to live in the trailer again. The first month in here was a big adjustment. Not having any trash service, laundry machine, or a dishwasher were some of the major things we had before that we just took for granted. Also a family of five living in a 31ft RV was just an adjustment in itself.”

What makes living smaller (RV) so nice?
“What’s been so nice for my husband and I, is realizing how little we actually need. We came from a big house with five bedrooms. Although I considered myself a minimalist before, I really wasn’t. This is minimal living. And I love how we can find joy with where were at and what we have (or don’t have).”

Are there things that make it difficult to live so small? 
“I think the fact that we have three kids in here can be a little tough at times. I have to give the kids dedicated activities to keep them busy. Or just send them all outside.”

What is your golden tip for everyone who wants to live smaller or live with less stuff? 
“I would say if you’re moving into a tiny space, bring less. You think you need a lot, but you really don’t. The less you have inside, the more peaceful and comfortable it is. So we have a rule: something comes in, something goes out. I’m constantly cleaning out. The longer we’re here, I realize the less we need. Also, to give yourself grace. It’s not always going to be beautiful and it’s not always going to be easy. But tomorrow is another day, and it’s an amazing growth opportunity for a person.”Photography Ashley Petrone