We’re gathering the addresses of the best B&Bs, hotels and other overnight locations we can find. All of which, we feel, are great places to go for a weekend or a bit longer. The Doucemont holiday accommodation in Dranouter, Heuvelland in Belgium is the perfect place to stay with a group of friends or family. Think school camp, but with good mattresses and a beautiful view from your bed.

What makes Doucemont a great place to stay?
At Doucemont, you get to enjoy the experience of sharing a dormitory with a big group. Cozy, convivial and intimate all at the same time – just like the good old days of school or summer camp. The inside is beautiful and spacious, with lots of natural materials being used, and the handmade beds draw inspiration from the wooden bunks found in mountain huts. Whatever time of year, you can sit back and enjoy a fire – be it inside when the weather is bad, or outside with a campfire under the stars when it’s fair. What’s more, the silence of the surrounding area means you’re bound to sleep like a baby.

What’s for breakfast?
You make your own breakfast in a professional kitchen where you can cook for large groups. The bakers in Dranouter or Loker are the place to go for fresh Belgian bread, and if it’s French baguettes you’re after, Belle (France) is located a mere five kilometers from Doucement.

Our tip
A nice bit of mountain biking on Kemmel Hill or visiting the vineyards at Monteberg

Good food
Dranouter’s most famous restaurant (and Doucemont’s neighbor) is In De Wulf, owned by top chef Kobe Desramaults. Alternatively, you can opt for In de Zon, located in Loker, or the cozy atmosphere of the Barbier café.

Good to know
The strawberries found in the machines of the neighboring farms are the best you’ll ever taste.

A long weekend (3 nights) costs €1,275 for 32 people. The space is also available for rent for a midweek or ordinary weekend stay (2 nights).