Studio 26Boven in Amsterdam

We have been collecting all the best getaway venues: B&Bs, hotels and other places to stay. All great destinations for a weekend away or a bit longer. This spacious studio is pleasantly quiet but you’re still close to all the highlights in Amsterdam.

Studio 26Boven in Amsterdam

Special features
This is a gorgeous and spacious studio in a pleasantly quiet street, but still close to many interesting parts of Amsterdam. The bed is comfortable, the shower is nice and there is space to cook, to eat and to read a book in comfort. You can even dioplay a record on the record player. Super nice, your own little home in the big city. And there are two bicycles at your disposal too!

What’s for breakfast?
Breakfast comes in a picnic basket: homemade granola with delicious Greek yoghurt and fresh fruit. Freshly baked rolls with a choice of fillings. You can make tea yourself. If you stay for a few days you might also be served a fried egg or pancakes some time. It is also possible to prepare your own breakfast here and there are quite a few nice breakfast cafes in the neighborhood too.

Our tip
You are only fifty meters away from the Amstel river. When the weather is good, the river is full of little boats and along the water many people are bbq-ing, drinking and having a good time. People play jeu de boule and the terraces of the various bars and cafes fill up. You can swim in the Amstel and there is also a place to hire a little boat yourself.

Good food
A favorite place to eat is right around the corner on the Amstel: Portuguese restaurant Girassol. Their piri-piri chicken is legendary, but everything on the menu is fantastic and you can sit and enjoy your meal at a waterside table.

Good to know
The studio is filled with all kinds of little extras. Like a mini bottle of wine, sparkling water, coffee, hopjes (Dutch coffee candies) and a book filled with the personal tips of the owners. The record collection often alternates and the owners also enjoy getting to know their guests from time to time with a drink in their own garden.

Price per night from € 95 per two-person studio excluding breakfast. Breakfast is € 9.50 p.p.