Nights in the Forest

We’re gathering the addresses of the best B&Bs, hotels and other overnight locations we can find. All of which, we feel, are great places to go for a weekend or a bit longer. At the Slapen In Het Bos B&B, (literally translated as “sleeping in the forest”), you get to stay in a wonderful cottage in the middle of the Veluwe forest.

What makes Slapen In Het Bos a great place to stay?
This cottage is located in the Veluwe forest, so it comes as no surprise that you’ll wake up to the magical sound of birds singing every morning. The cottage is beautifully decorated, with rugs on the floor, an antler plaque on the wall, and a wood stove. Throw the French doors in the living room open, and you might just be lucky enough to see a herd of deer pass by. You can also cook your own meals if you so desire, as there’s a great stove with lots of pots and pans. What’s more, if you arrive by car, you’re even allowed to drive right on by the “No cars allowed” sign.

Where do you sleep?
On a box spring bed, under crisp white sheets, with lots of pillows and a fantastic view of the trees. In the morning, you’re spoilt with a full-on breakfast of croissants, fresh orange juice, pancakes or French toast, fresh eggs, organic jams and much more. In fair weather, you can eat at the picnic table out on the terrace, with the trees surrounding you and the birds happily pecking away at your crumbs.

Our tip
Take your walking shoes, because as soon as you walk out the front door, you step straight onto the forest path that takes you deeper into the woods. To places where nobody goes, and are so quiet that you can hear the flies buzzing and the wind rustling through the trees.

 Prices start at €125 per night for two people.