Family Portraits

Catherine (Kitty) van Loon van Welderen Rengers, ca. 1898 © Photographer unknown / Courtesy of Museum Van Loon

If you happen to be in Amsterdam in the near future, be sure to pay a visit to Foam photography museum, where their exhibition A Family Portrayed – Van Loon in Foam is on display until March 29. The focus of the exposition are the Van Loon’s, a well-known Amsterdam family who have been captured on film by all kinds of famous photographers throughout the centuries. Alongside the great portraits, you’ll also see some fantastic historic interior photos – all of which give a delightful glimpse into the family’s glamorous life. In the forthcoming Dutch Flow Special, “How to Live Your Life” (available as of March 31), you will also find an extensive (photo) reportage about the Van Loons.

Thora in the small sitting room © Photographer unknown / Courtesy of Museum van Loon