Working from home: 4 tips

Due to the coronavirus, the majority of us now have to stay at home. But how do you remain productive? Here are some tips to help make working from home easier.

Divide your time into blocks

You can’t constantly be productive. If you try to be so, you’ll quite possibly find yourself completely exhausted by midday. Instead, try to divide your time into blocks. Concentrate for 90 minutes, do something else for 10 minutes: take a short walk, do some laundry or enjoy a coffee and a few pages of a book. That way, you’ll stay focused all day.

Create a pleasant workspace

And we’re not talking about a cluttered desk or an overcrowded kitchen table. Try to create a workspace that makes you feel comfortable, which will also help generate a calmer state of mind. For example, it helps to sit in a bright room; it is better to work at a table than in bed or from the sofa;  .

Create a to-do list

If you’re working at home without clearly defined tasks, you may find yourself muddling along without making any real progress. Which of course is a waste of time… Therefore, try to make a to-do list in advance, so that you know exactly what to expect from that working (from home) day.

Listen carefully to yourself

And try to let go of the fixed rules a bit. That way you don’t necessarily have to be at the computer from 9 to 5. Maybe the early morning works better for you, or you are more productive in the evening. The occasional five-minute power nap may also work better for you than keeping going while you are actually out of energy. See what works for you and experiment with it.

Text Bente van de Wouw; Translation Julia Gorodecky; Photography Camylla Battani /