Astrid & Irene: A love of paper appears to forge bonds

Astrid & Irene

When we started making the first Book for Paper Lovers in 2013 (a magazine without words, that eventually became a book), we wouldn’t have dared dream that it would find its way all around the world.

We made it for our Dutch readers, but soon requests for it came in from the US and UK. And so this book began its journey, and now it reaches living rooms, writer’s sheds, studios and workshop spaces in Japan and Alaska, South America and Australia.

Craft nights

And what we could not have predicted in a million years is that craft nights would be organized in many different countries, with this book as the heart and soul. In Rome, Italy, a group of fans meet every year to get started on the new book together when it comes out. Because paper brings tranquility: it helps you to slow down your mind, feeds your creativity and—not unimportantly—it’s totally and wonderfully offline.

Three themes

Before you lies another brand-new edition of the Book for Paper Lovers, focusing on three themes: Time to Slow Down, with stationery, cards, mini posters and tissue paper; Time to Plan, with a calendar, notebooks, a clock and foldout reading tree poster; and Time to Play with a notebook to put your own choice of cover on, stickers for your keyboard and to make a jigsaw puzzle with, and much more.

As always, we worked with an international team of illustrators to make this edition, and would like to give a shout-out to designer Joyce, managing editor Caroline, printing colleague Ismail, editors Ellen and Julia, and the rest of the Flow team. It was a huge project once again, but we’ve done it.

Flow Paper Lovers Facebook group

Finally: it seems that a love of paper can forge bonds—particularly at a time like this. That’s why we made a special Facebook group for all paper fans: Flow Paper Lovers. It’s a nice place to get together in the current circumstances when it’s difficult to do so physically. Maybe we’ll see you there? And if you have any wishes or comments for the next edition: Let us know.

Text Astrid van der Hulst & Irene Smit  Photography Danique van Kesteren