The illustrations of Naomi Wilkinson

naomi wilkinson

Naomi Wilkinson is an illustrator from Bristol, UK, where she lives with her partner and two children. In Issue 32 she tells us a bit more about her work and what inspires her.

What are you up to? “I have a few professional projects I’m working on and possibly a short animation project too. Also, we moved into our house last year, so we’ve been gradually fixing up the house and the garden.”

How would you describe your work? “It is colorful and joyful. I love making pictures that have dynamic and interesting characters. I also love experimenting with patterns and colors in my work. I’m a bit color-obsessed and will always notice great colors and color combinations, whether it’s on a wall, dress or biscuit tin. That naturally bleeds into my work.”

What inspires you? “I get inspiration from fine artists like Milton Avery, Pauline Boty and David Hockney, as well as mid-century graphics, packaging, kids’ books, interiors, films, books and daily life.”

How did illustrating become your specialty? “I’ve always loved drawing. Originally, I went to art school to study fashion, but that didn’t suit me. I tried illustration and the possibilities felt really exciting and fit my personality more than fashion. I’m also useless at sewing.”

  • Read the full interview with Naomi in Issue 32.

Text Jeannette JonkerĀ  Photography @naomipwilkinson