Netflix tip: Explained

In the Flow editorial office, we’re often exchanging Netflix tips with each other about what movies, series and documentaries are worth watching. One that has been mentioned quite a few times is Explained—a series of ‘bite-size’ episodes that teach you something in about 20 minutes. Such as mindfulness or monogamy, for example.

Couch Classes

Explained: the name of the series says it all. Each episode revolves around a different topic and the subject matters are very diverse: from coding to the gender pay gap, from astrology to South Korean K-pop. What’s more, each episode has a different guest narrator, such as Emma Stone or Hilary Swank.

Interesting Info

Learning something doesn’t have to take long: you’re fully immersed in a topic for about 20 minutes, and to top it all—any complicated things are made visually understandable with illustrations. A nicely designed graph makes it a little easier to understand—especially when it comes to a subject that you actually know very little about (such as cryptocurrency for the Flow team!). And it’s not that everything they cover is enormously complicated; it’s also just that there are things you haven’t really considered, like: How has casual sportswear become so mainstream? How does someone get lured into a cult? What are diamonds really worth? A subject that didn’t interest you at first suddenly turns out to be quite fascinating. And if it doesn’t, you simply skip that particular episode.

Extras Explained

The series now also has two spin-off mini-series. The first is The Mind, Explained, which explores how your brain works. The episodes focus on memory, dreams, anxiety, mindfulness and psychedelics. The latest spin-off—Sex, Explained—is about (you guessed it) sex, and covers topics such as attraction, sexual fantasies, fertility and birth control. And so you just keep on learning…

Both seasons of Explained, and its two spin-offs, can be found on Netflix*.

Trailers Explained and The mind, explained

*Please note that the Netflix library differs per country and that this program may not be available to watch worldwide.

Text Ilse Savenije