Instagrammers at home


If ever there was a perfect place to sneak a peek inside other people’s lives, it’s Instagram. In Issue 21, five Instagrammers talk about their home. Anki Wijnen (@zilverblauw) is one of them. She lives in Oisterwijk, the Netherlands, with her husband and two sons. 

‘If you wouldn’t show it to the neighbors, don’t put it online.’ That’s the golden rule in Anki Wijnen’s family, and she sticks to it. Our interior is partly my work, and sharing it with the world is part of that,” she says. “But I also just love doing it. My interior is kind of like my playground, where I can let my creativity run free.” Contrary to some people’s expectations when they see it, it really is the interior of Anki and her husband. His favorite color is pink and we’ve always been in full agreement about everything in our house,” she says.

She admits their home looks sleek and tidy in her pictures, but isn’t really. “If you look carefully, you can see it’s not that neat,” she says. “But I do try to create a peaceful and tidy composition. Straight lines and a balanced color palette go a long way.”

What Anki likes best about Instagram is that large distances can be bridged. “You get in touch with people from all over the world and with the same interests as you, in a very easy way. Sometimes we’ve even become friends for life and go and visit each other, too.”

  • More pictures of Anki’s interior can be found on her Instagram.
  • In Issue 21, the homes of four other Instagrammers are shown.

Text Ellen Nij Bijvank Photography Anki Wijnen