Who’s she: the guess-who game with inspiring women

Who's she

Remember Guess Who? The retro game for two where you had to guess who the other person was based on faces. Well, here’s a—new—version that’s based on inspiring and courageous women.

In ‘Who’s She?’, the faces of Bill, Claire and Joe have been replaced by those of famous, inspiring women (28 in total) from all over the world. And you don’t guess their identity based on external characteristics, but on what they have done / stand for.

Every woman’s card from Africa-American chemist Alice Ball to American tennis pro Serena Williamsfeatures a mini biography. Ask each other questions like: ‘Has she won a Nobel Prize?’ or ‘Is she an astronaut?’ The one who guesses their opponent’s woman first is the winner.

And it’s not just the women and their inspiring stories that are beautiful, the game itself is too. There are two options: One that is made from wood, with watercolor portraits of the women. The other is made from cardboard with beautifully illustrated flaps.