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zero waste

If you go grocery shopping with your own reusable cloth bags and containers, you’ll have a lot less waste plastic waste – and these accessories also look great in your cupboard. And there are many other things you can do to produce less waste. These websites (and book) can tell you more.

UK bloggers Jessica Renz writes about her efforts to phase out disposable plastic in her home and life, replacing it with sustainable alternatives.

This is Lauren Singer’s blog in which she shows how she has managed to get four years’ worth of trash in one mason jar.

Waste not

Waste not is a book by Australian eco lifestyle blogger Erin Rhoads, also known as the Rogue Ginger, and is all about how you can make a big difference by throwing away less.

  • In Issue 29 you can read more about living with less waste. A part of the story can be read here.

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