Watch-this! tip: Our Planet on Netflix

our planet

At Flow, we’re big fans of nature films and documentaries, such as Planet Earth, Life and Blue Planet. And now we can add another title to that list: the Netflix documentary series, Our Planet.

Each of the eight episodes in this series has its own theme: from the deep, dark oceans to the jungles in South America and the icy terrains of the North Pole. You get to see how the smallest of insects survive in a gigantic jungle; you join a polar bear on its hunt for food; and you witness the impressive mating dances of various exotic birds. But it’s not just about watching beautiful images. The series also has an important theme that returns in every episode: climate change and its ever-increasing consequences. Which causes the occasional lump in the throat, to say the least.

  • The series can be viewed via Netflix.
  • View the Our Planet trailer below.
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