Book tip: The Wildflower’s Workbook

The Wildflower's Workbook

From lists of flora and fauna to find and hikes to take or places to visit, to recording sunsets you’ve seen and noting how a moonlit walk makes you feel, Katie Daisy’s The Wildflower’s Workbook is a guided journal that helps you connect with nature.

Stuffed full of Daisy’s illustrations, each page features prompts to inspire you to pause and savor the wonders of the natural world around you. And to top it all off, you can jot everything down with her set of Wanderlust and Wildflowers colored pencils, with each rich hue coming in a nature-inspired barrel design.

The Wildflower’s Workbook: A Journal for 
 Self-Discovery in Nature (Chronicle Books).

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Text Julia Gorodecky  Photography David Guenther/