Books to remember (4)

There are some books that will always stay with us. In this new series, creative people share a book that has made a big impression on them. Flora Waycott is the fourth to take part, and she tells us why she chooses a classic book she has read over and over again.

“I grew up surrounded by books; my father is a writer and my older sister was always a keen reader as a child, and she would read to me when we were little. We went to live in Japan for five years, and when we returned to England, I was eleven years old and had forgotten a lot of my English. So, my parents made a huge effort to buy me books and made sure I was always reading something. I enjoyed reading so much and would often go to the library on my own after school to sit in peace and quiet, reading for hours. My Dad would even have to come and find me to bring me home!”

“My sister was always reading classic novels when we were growing up and she introduced me to a lot of them over the years, describing the ones she loved with excitement and often borrowing books from our grandmother’s collection. I love them now too, with one of my favorites being Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, which I have read over and over. It always comes with me when I travel. I love escaping into the frosty Yorkshire moors, delving into the drama of the book and feeling excited yet heartbroken about the love story that is at the center of it. I don’t get to read much these days, but when I do I tend to reach for books that I have read before; I think I like the feeling of comfort and familiarity this brings.”

Flora Waycott is an illustrator and artist, currently living in Sydney, Australia. She works digitally and traditionally, with illustrations appearing on book covers, children’s bedding and décor, editorial, stationery, greeting cards, coloring books and more.

Next up, it’s the turn of illustrator Elizabeth Olwen, who will share which book has proved to be unforgettable for her.

Illustration homepage: Jennifer Orkin Lewis