Tips for some me-time at home

Are you home alone? Here are some ideas to do on days like these.

  • Try a new recipe

Take a look through your (digital) cookbooks and try out a new recipe. Cooking can be very relaxing, and when you do it alone you can do it with great attention.

  • Read a book

A virtually silent house equals minimum distractions, and that means you can really focus on your book. You could also choose to listen to an audiobook or podcast if you prefer.

  • Discover a new hobby

It’s such a great feeling to be able to get to grips with a new skill, especially if it’s something that you really enjoy doing. So, start on some embroidery, learn to knit (it only takes an evening to pick up the basics) or dust off your pencils and brushes.

  • Give your plants a boost

Digging your fingers into the earth is an activity that leaves you with a great sense of calm. So treat your plants to some new, nutritious soil; get rid of dead leaves; make some cuttings; or find a new place for your plants in the house.

  • Do some yoga or meditation

And take the time for it. You can find various yoga exercises on YouTube and there are plenty of apps to help you master the movements, too. You can also learn meditation via a video or an app.

  • Watch a good movie

With an afternoon or evening to yourself, you can finally watch that movie that your housemates don’t like. Light some candles, get some treats in and install yourself on the couch for at least an hour and a half of relaxation.

  • Have a spa day

Yes, that’s also possible at home. Take a hot shower or soak in the bath, apply a face mask and pamper your hands and nails. You can also combine it with some yoga exercises or meditation for extra relaxation.

  • Piece a jigsaw puzzle together

At the Flow office, we have a new addiction: jigsaw puzzles. Putting them together piece by piece, without really having to think about it, makes us feel so calm. And it’s a lovely activity to do alone.

Text Bente van de Wouw  Photography Alisa Anton/