5 tips for a good morning routine

Starting the day feeling calm is not always a given, but is certainly something you can work on. So how can you create a nice morning routine for yourself? Here are five tips.

1. Leave your phone alone

More often than not, we tend to check our phones as soon as we wake up, even though we have no idea what is actually on the screen. Bad news, long messages from friends or family, something that can knock you out of your usual routine… Which is why it might be nicer to keep your smartphone outside of the bedroom and to check your screen / messages at a later time. That way: when you open your eyes from your lovely night’s sleep, you aren’t confronted with the issues of the day right from the start.

2. Get up a little earlier

Don’t worry: we don’t mean set your alarm for 5:00 a.m. Getting up just fifteen minutes earlier than you would normally can give you the peace and quiet to do things a bit slower, which results in less stress and a morning that starts a little more relaxed.

3. Start the day with something you like

Reading the newspaper, a few yoga exercises, writing in your diary or just having a cup of tea on the couch. By doing something that immediately makes you happy, you set the tone for the rest of the day. And if you don’t have much time available for this, then simply do something small: play your favorite song, give your pet some extra affection or listen to a podcast. Even the simplest things can make a difference.

4. Write, write, write

Prepare yourself for the day ahead by starting off your morning with pen in hand. Jot down on paper: How do you feel? What would you like to do today? Which tasks deserve priority? This provides you with an overview and therefore a bit more peace of mind.

5. Move

According to Hal Elrod, author of the book The Miracle Morning, exercise is an important start to the day. It boosts your energy levels, mental clarity and increases your productivity. Do some stretching exercises, a little dance, or leave your car at home and walk or cycle to work instead.

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Text Bente van de Wouw, Translation Julia Gorodecky, Photography Danielle Macinnes / Unsplash.com