7 tips for a simple life

Having an empty day in your diary more often and taking things slower in your day seem like great ideas. Here are seven tips for a simpler life.

Set priorities

More often than not, we have done a great deal by the end of a day, but we haven’t addressed the things we find really important. You can change this by making a Top 5 of priorities and giving it—well—priority. Examples include: reading, walking, spending time with family or friends, writing, etc.

Dare to say no

Often enough we say yes before having really thought about it—because others may expect it from you, because you want to make people happy by doing so and because saying no can be nerve-wracking. If you use this word more often, you will see that you get a better grip on your own time and schedule.

Start decluttering

An empty home leads to a clear mind. By getting rid of the stuff that you no longer use or no longer value, you create a quieter environment with the stuff that does make you happy. You can apply the same principle to your wardrobe, too. Need more tips? We’ve written several blogs  about decluttering and created a free six-week course  about it.

One task at a time

By doing one task at a time instead of multitasking, no matter how good you are at it, you will be able to focus better and will probably feel a bit calmer at the end of the day.

Do nothing more often

There is nothing wrong with doing nothing, sometimes you even need it in order to recharge. Try to do nothing at all without feeling guilty. Take a walk, lounge on the sofa for an hour or drink a cup of tea without your smartphone in your hand.

Set up time slots for social media

We love to stay up to date with all the news all day long, we simply must answer messages from friends or family straight away, and let’s not forget our daily Instagram habit. By looking at social media at set times during the day, you get the best of both worlds: getting to do all the above without the stress and pressure of being a slave to it.

Take a day off

No, taking a rest is not something to feel guilty about and no, your world won’t collapse if you do nothing for a (part of a) day. Try to put your smartphone, tablet and laptop aside at the end of the week and do something that you really like. This way you can recharge for a new week.

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Text Bente van de Wouw, translation Julia Gorodecky

Photography Patrick Hendry / Unsplash.com