8 Instagram accounts that will make you happy

instagram accounts

Sometimes, in amongst all those ‘perfect pictures’ on Instagram, we come across accounts that make the world a little more beautiful or bring a smile to our faces. Here are a few of our favorites.

  1. @woofsandwalls

    Photos of dogs standing in front of wall art with cheerful explosions of color. Cute and culture rolled into one.


  1. @tanaka_tatsuya

    Tatsuya, from Japan, makes miniature art. He creates small worlds with the help of everyday objects. “It would be great if you could use it to add a little enjoyment to your everyday life,” Tatsuya writes on his website.


  1. @apartmenttherapy

    We love looking at beautiful or uniquely furnished houses. And this account caters to our whim with photos of vintage cabinets, colorful accessories and brightly decorated living rooms being posted every day. Perfect for when you need some inspiration, or just want to look absentmindedly at pretty things.


  1. @recipesforselflove

    The brain behind this account is Amsterdam-based Alison Rachel. Every day she posts an illustration with inspiring text, with the following message as a reminder: love yourself.


  1. @humansofny

    Humans of New York (or HONY) has become a well-known term. American author, blogger and photographer Brandon Stanton photographs people he sees around New York and talks with them. And thus, it turns out that everyone has a story to tell: big or small, happy or sad. Some are so heartbreaking that you might not always leave this account feeling happy-clappy, but it doesn’t hurt to consider someone else’s story from time to time—and to see that, ultimately, we’re not all that different from each other.

    The concept of HONY has now been adopted in many countries and cities, such as Humans of Amsterdam (which is in English).


  1. @tate

    The official account of the British Tate art galleries, it’s slightly different to the standard museum ones. You see beautiful works of art, unique ideas and original images that will make you stop and think.


  1. @flora.forager

    The American artist and author Bridget Beth Collins creates gorgeous works of art using petals and plants: a truly delightful feast for the eyes.


  1. @savefamilyphotos

    Save Family Photos is an initiative by US-based photographer Rachel LaCour Nielsen. On this account she shares old family photos of her own, but also photos she receives from followers and that she finds at flea markets. On her website she explains why she thinks it’s important to save photos: ‘Stories are the currency of our past, present and future. Without them we are bankrupt.’ Rachel believes that the stories behind the photos are worth telling and sharing, and she relates them on Instagram. They’re a fun read and easily transport you back to your own childhood.


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Photography Constantine Stamatis/Unsplash.com (opening image)