4 tips on how to feel less alone

Now that we are being advised not to have physical contact with others and we find ourselves sitting at home most of the time, it’s quite possible that you start to feel somewhat alone. How do you deal with that? Here are four tips.

Find your contact online

Although we usually struggle with all that ‘being online’ most of the time, it’s fair to say that it can actually be rather nice in times like these. Call your friends and family more often and for longer, use FaceTime to see each other or play a game online together via Houseparty. There are also plenty of communities on Facebook where you can chat, and WhatsApp is another great platform to have regular contact with the people around you.

Write a card

Not only are cards lovely to receive, they’re also lovely to write. Not to mention, relaxing. Write a card to your grandparent or parent or start an exchange of letters with one of your friends. There are plenty of possibilities.

Make your home cozy

It doesn’t take the loneliness away, but it does make being on your own at home a lot more pleasant. Aim for a clean, tidy house with lots of greenery. Light the candles in the evening to create a cozy and atmospheric mood, and cook special meals for yourself from time to time.

Accept the feeling

As frustrating as it may be to feel lonely or alone, it is not surprising in this day and age that this emotion arises every now and then. Try not to suppress this feeling, but accept it. Feelings are temporary; fortunately, they don’t last forever.

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Photography Brina Blum / Unsplash.com