Welcome Charlotte

This month, we’re expecting our Pinterest board to be awash with color and cheer. Charlotte Hedeman Guéniau—founder and director of the brand Rice—is our guest pinner for June, and is taking over from illustrator Janna Krupinski.

In the latest issue of Flow, you can read an interview with Charlotte, in which she talks about setting up her company Rice, her love for color, the fun she has in her work, and her personal life. Here’s a snippet from the interview:

“I love bright colors and am a great believer in their positive influence on mood. A lot of research has been done in that area but I’m just going by my instincts. I love it when practical things look good, when they make you smile. A ceramic poodle for example, that doubles up as a soap dispenser, or a flower pot with the text ‘I will survive’ on it. It’s these little details that make life fun. Of course, it’s not a matter of life and death, but I find it very satisfying to provide some ‘everyday magic’, as I like to call it, into the houses of as many people as possible. That’s my mission.”

  • You can see what Charlotte pins this month here.
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  • You can buy a copy of the latest issue of Flow (issue 18), which features the full interview with Charlotte (and much more), from our web shop.