Comforting Illustrations

The illustrations that we have come across in recent days have given us such a wonderful feeling of hope and comfort. And we gathered some, so we can turn to them whenever we need a boost.

Some drawings bring a sense of joy, some also provide comfort. Like the illustration by @freakinsunshine, of a cozy-looking house that radiates light during a dark storm. Or that of @Tinkoutsidethebox, which gives us a sense of togetherness and strength. Below you’ll find some other uplifting illustrations.

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I guess we’re all members of the stay-at-home club now… Hope you all are well! Whilst typing this I look outside and I see elderly people riding their bikes on the dam in front of my house. Joggers are jogging, ducks are building their nests, pigeons and crows are quarreling in the tree in front of my window. It’s almost like it’s business as usual. My Northern roots seem to kick in now harder than ever. I feel very grounded, down to earth, and find myself being really hands-on and taking control. It’s like my Viking-brain is kicking in or something 😂😉 But on a serious note, this is a motto that works for me since years: "what you will feed, will grow”. I find myself working on new personal projects a lot right now, to keep me busy, but also because I see it as an investment for the near future. I believe that emphasizing and focusing on negative things will only make those things bigger. I try to stay away from that as well as I can. Finding that fine balance between staying informed and being positive. I look outside and I see two magpies making their nest in the gutter under my roof. They are extremely loud and I love that they just continue like normal. I hear CO2 and our climate is doing better for now. I feel that people are reaching out to each other and helping where needed. It’s not all bad. Maybe we learn some things from this.

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#ourplanetweek I am still learning how to contribute to a better planet, so this is actually a self portrait. Things i changed: no more plastic bottles, no more plastig bags (satcher bags are really nice), the paper i use is ecofriendly, shorter showers, as little meat as possible. Joining this challenge doesn’t mean i want to push you into doing things for the planet, nor do i want to pretend i am doing everything right, i am also still learning and i think that is fine. I just want to make people aware of the problem we have and i would love my fellow illustrators to join this challenge #letsdrawthechange to raise that awareness 💪 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The @onetreeplanted initiative – for every
tag and #onetreeplanted post they will be planting ONE TREE! Yes! So let's plant some trees with Art!!!!! This challenge is hosted by these amazing team of artists: @asiaorlando_ @belliesartboutique
@corahlouiseillustration @dancelstudio @elenig @hollymaguireuk @julika.illustration @lizarusalskaya @rachel_winkle
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