Three illustrators on drawing plants #2

Drawing plants

There are so many things to notice when you are drawing plants—not only the colors and the shapes, but also the textures, the pot holding the plant and so on. We asked three illustrators to draw their favorite plant and give one tip on how to best draw your own.

1. Dinara Mirtalipova: Dieffenbachia

“First start with drawing the stems, then add wide leaves here and there. The beautiful pattern on the leaves can be painted using darker and lighter shades of green. And don’t forget the pot, which you can decorate how you want.”

2. Sarah Rocha: Anthurium

“Study the whole plant in detail first. Next, draw it out very lightly in pencil. Choose your color palette and then paint the plant in a layer-based technique, adding the shades and highlights at the end.”

3. Elizabeth Barnett: Monstera

“Drawing from life helps you get different angles and perspective on the plant you are illustrating. Include the veins and roots to give it depth.”

*Six more illustrators share their favorite plant and drawing tip in Issue 27.