Stefanie about her 100-day project

We liked the stamped alphabet that Salut Stefanie made for the Flow Big Book of Drawing so much that we also used her letters in the new Flow Diary 2018. Here, Stefanie tells us what her—just finished—100 Days Project has brought her.

Are you doing anything nice at the moment?
Yes, I’ve just started to learn something new. I’ve discovered that you can print fabrics really easily via a platform called Motiflow. The only problem is that I am useless at sewing: I made all sorts of attempts, but each one ended up with a broken needle or a smoking foot pedal… So now I’m practicing with a friend. The basis for my fabric is still a stamp, which I have transferred into my computer to create a pattern.

Can you tell us a bit about #the100dayproject?
For me it was a really great turning point. For months, my head had been bursting with ideas, but I had no time or opportunity to do anything with them. But by starting up this project, I could: I basically created a greeting card every day for 100 days. It was also a great reason to practice on the computer daily. I make things by hand, which is very charming, but also incredibly labor-intensive. Now I’m finding out how my stamp style looks when I digitize it and print it out. It means I can also save my long-cherished animal alphabet. With some crowdfunding support, I want to print and produce various parts of the project.


Do you have any specific work rituals?
For me, it is especially important to have some time set aside every day for what I call ‘free work’. That’s when I will sketch something or I’ll gouge a stamp.

Do you have any tips for our creative readers?
I think having a 100-day project is fantastic. You have a great incentive to get you going and you have a clear framework to work to. It is important that you have a subject matter that suits you. I fell into a creative flow and the ideas came themselves. And remember not to be too strict on yourself. Do not forget that you’re in charge; you decide the rules.

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