A Song for Flow


A while back, we attended the concert of American singer-songwriter Gregory Page, who was performing in Hoorn, the Netherlands. Afterwards, he sang a snippet from – in our opinion – one of his most beautiful songs “Right or Wrong,” especially for Flow. Writer Nina Siegal interviewed Gregory about his special life for issue 8 of Flow Magazine International.

The funny thing is that Flow’s Astrid and Jocelyn discovered Gregory via the “discover” function on Spotify, and presumed the singer-songwriter, already in his fifties, was a new international artist. But it turns out that the American (with Irish and Armenian roots) has actually only broken through in the Netherlands! His first performance abroad was in Schoorl, of all places. Not that there’s anything wrong with Schoorl of course, and Gregory himself is very content with it. He’s completely in his element when performing in small, intimate halls, and he always has an old gramophone player, his guitar and his hat with him on the stage. During his performances, he takes you on a journey through 1920s America, Paris and Ireland, and occasionally, he’ll also read a beautiful poem from his notebook. When you’re at one of his concerts, you are treated to a touch of nostalgia and beautiful lyrics – all wrapped up in a wonderfully sweet, warm voice. Meet Gregory Page. He’ll be performing in the Netherlands in May, and you can find the venues where he’ll be playing on his website. While there, you can also read more about his new poetry book, The Blank Page

Foto: Bonnita Postma, styling: Anne-Marie Rem