Smoothie art: too beautiful to drink

smoothie art

While garnishing a bowl 
of soup with pesto and coconut cream, Hazel Zakariya realized that you could actually do far more with naturally colored 
food dyes. She started experimenting with smoothies, and soon she had created a whole series of artistic food art.

Orginally from Malaysia, Zakariya works as a data analyst in Auckland, New Zealand. She sees smoothie art as a mindful activity. “It helps me develop my creativity,” she says. “And by sharing it on Instagram, I entertain other people, too. With all the difficult things going on in the world, I want to spread a message of love and kindness. I get positive reactions from all over the world. This project has already given me so much.” Her own favorites are: Frida Kahlo, the deer, the penguin and Kevin from Home Alone.

Photography Hazel Zakariya