Sandra Apperloo (2/4)

Sandra Apperloo usually blogs about her love for illustrations on her own website, but this month she’s sharing her pretty pictures and favorite artists on our blog.

There are so many great illustrators in the world that it’s been a real challenge to have to select just a handful. But I managed it. Here are ten very talented international illustrators who hold a special place in my heart:

Silvana Ávila
Silvana Avila, from Mexico, was one of the first illustrators I featured on my blog, so she’s a good choice to begin my list with. I still find her creations amazing: her style is soft and cheerful, and her drawings always leave me feeling happy. Silvana likes to work with different materials: she takes photos, for example, and then illustrates on them.

Becca Stadtlander
I would love to borrow the artistic talent of Becca Stadtlander just for one day. The colors that this American artist uses, and the wonderful details – so beautiful!

Kate Pugsley
Another American lady for whom I have great admiration is Kate Pugsley. You may have seen the poster-in-a-series she illustrated for Flow Weekly. I follow Kate on Instagram, where she often shares beautiful pictures of her work process, which I find so inspiring.

Elisa Talentino
I’ve been following the Italian Elisa Talentino for a while now, and the beautiful work that flows from her hands never fails to surprise me. So fine and delicate! Her illustrations can also be found in her homemade story booklets, which you can admire here.


Monica Ramos
Llamas, fried eggs and other stuff; whatever Monica Ramos paints, she’ll paint at least ten of them. Which makes her work so distinctive and fun, as far as I’m concerned. Born in Manila, Monica Ramos now lives in New York, where she studied at the Parsons School of Design. She also has a blog, on which she regularly shares new illustrations.

Daniela Henriquez (aka Dahf)
Do you think I’m pretty? Yes, very pretty indeed! Like all the beautiful creatures that Chilean artist Daniela Henríquez (aka Dahf) draws. She uses such wonderful, soft colors, and the cute quotes she includes always bring a smile to my face.

Fumi Koike
Pens, plants and animals; illustrator Fumi Koike loves the beauty that can be found in everyday things. I met Fumi in Japan, where she showed me some of her original works. I was really impressed! She also gave me a lovely little book called Dog and Morning, which features several of her drawings. Next week, I’ll be telling you more about my special meeting with Fumi.

Joanna Concejo
I get butterflies in my stomach when I look at Joanna Concejo‘s magical illustrations. This French artist has a fantastic talent, and she has long been one of my favorites. Joanna illustrates children’s books, and her works always have a peculiar twist, which gives them a very unique character.

It may not have been that long since I discovered the illustrations of Canadian Yuliya, but it was certainly love at first sight. I find them so rich and playful, and full of wonderful details! They also remind me of Yelena Bryksenkova’s work, whose illustrations you may well have come across already in Flow. Yuliya has a very large portfolio, so you should definitely take a look at her blog.

Esmé Shapiro
And to finish, here’s an illustrated story by Esmé Shapiro, who recently graduated from the School of Design in Rhode Island. If you’re wondering why Esmé is already one of my favorites, then hopefully this fantastic artwork will answer your question…