Ross Symons

In each issue of Flow Magazine, we ask three creative people: What are you up to? In Issue 16, one of them is Ross Symons, an origami artist who lives in Cape Town, South Africa. You can read a snippet of the article below.

How did origami come into your life?
“My brother had a school assignment and asked if I could fold a crane for him. I folded it and I never stopped folding after that. It was just a thing I did when I had paper in my hand. I did it for years and years. People were giving me books about origami, and I followed tutorials online. At first it was just a hobby, but then I heard a story of a guy who did a project where he dedicated every day of one year to meditation. I thought I could do that with origami. In 2014, I started a 365-days project on Instagram and kept a digital report of my progress.”

  • You can read Ross’ full interview and more in Issue 16.
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Text Jeannette Jonker