Rebecca Green (4/4)

Rebecca Green from Michigan, United States, makes such beautiful illustrations. They often feature cute girls with glasses, but also animals and nature, as she’s fond of all these. She lets us have a peek at how she works and lives.

(Photo Credit – Arrow&Apple)

The future. Future projects. Goals. Paintings. Miniatures. Tomorrows. Future morning coffees and new studios. Things happen rather quick in this life. My last guest blog is a cheers to the future and a nod to the present as well.

In a couple of weeks, I will uproot again, and leave my current home in Phoenix. We are venturing North to find new adventures and hopefully an overabundance of squirrels and party hats. It’s hard to know where things are moving, but move they will.

Although I am currently illustrating and painting, I will tell you that my real dream is creating miniature sets for stop motion films. Why I am not actively pursuing this is beyond me, but perhaps I’m suiting up my toolbox. I have done a couple of miniature sets for personal projects and for a short stop motion film, but it’s been a couple of years.

‘Cellegratonia, 2010′

 ‘City of Lumbourge, 2010′

For now, while my dream job is big and distant, I will start a Little Things project. In my spare time when I don’t have pressure to create for my income, I will make little things for myself, and then I think give them away as gifts. Things like little coffee bags, campfires, stationary sets, baking supplies, and the list continues. If you love little things too, stay tuned to my site and hopefully I’ll be on my way to filling this world with Little Things!

I want to thank Flow for being such an amazing publication, and all of the incredible people I have been able to work with after connecting with them. Thanks Flow for having me be a guest blogger, and thanks to all of you for reading!