New guest on Pinterest

Each month, Flow invites a guest pinner to collect images and share them with us on our Friends of Flow Pinterest board. In April, we had the pleasure of seeing what beautiful delights Gemma Koomen had found for us, for which we are very grateful! And now, this month, Janna Krupinski takes over. 

Janna, who lives and works in Germany, illustrates and blogs under the pseudonym Tabula Rosi. You may have seen some of her work in Flow, such as her illustrated quote about Friendship which is featured in Issue 17 (and which is also included here below). As well as illustrating, Janna – whose work is characterized by her use of cheerful patterns and bright colors – likes to keep herself busy with sewing and crafting, and she has several DIYs on her (German-only) blog, such as how to make a feather necklace, for example.

  • You can see more of Janna’s work on her Instagram account.
  • Click here to see Janna’s Friends of Flow Pinterest board.
  • If you want to see all the beautiful images Gemma Koomen put together, you can do so here.

Illustration Janna Krupinski