Katrin Coetzer

One of our favs to make: the new Book for Paper Lovers. A book with (almost) no text, just paper. We collaborated with a large team of illustrators from all around the world, and this week we will introduce you to four of the main designers. Today it’s Katrin’s turn. 

Katrin (Capetown, South-Africa) works as an illustrator for (picture) books and magazines. For this book she made a series of patterns of cameras, record players and telephones. “I enjoyed exploring retro record players, cameras and telephones for this project, and reminiscing about their dedicated functions. My paper passion? Heavy cotton watercolor paper. It’s lovely to paint on with water-based mediums; it doesn’t warp, it creates a beautiful soft edge when torn, and it keeps colors looking fresh for decades.”

  • You can take a look at Katrin’s work on her website.
  • The Book for Paper Lovers 4 is available in our shop.

Illustration Katrin Coetzer