Louise Lockhart

Every issues we ask three interesting people: what are you up to? In issue 12 we featured 3 creative entrepeneurs. One of them is Louise Lockhart. You can read a preview of Louise’s ‘What are you up to’ below.

Tell us about your book, Up My Street, which was published recently. 
It’s my first book, and is a lovely, small scale project, from a British publisher called Design for Today, who found me on Instagram. I wanted to do a modern version of Eric Ravilious’ High Street, which captured the images of disappearing high street shops of his era. Mine is a concertina book, which opens out and turns into a high street on one side, and on the other side you see inside the shops.

What’s next? 
I’m working on an activity book for kids about food, called Playing with Food; it will be published by Cicada Books in early 2016. It’ll be a thick big book and everything inside will be like “Make a chef’s hat from paper” or “Draw what you had for lunch today.”

You can read more about Louise and her work in Flow issue 12.