Jenni Desmond

In each issue, we ask three interesting people: What are you up to? In Issue 15, one of them is Jenni Desmond, illustrator and picture book maker. You can read a preview of Jenni’s ‘What are you up to’ interview below.

What kind of children’s books do you make?
I want to make books that adults can enjoy as well as children. I try to make them funny, full of life and as atmospheric and beautiful as I can. I also like to depict large skies, nature, mountains and a sense of space.

What is your work schedule like?
I start my day by getting up at 8 a.m., doing some yoga and Pilates and having breakfast with my boyfriend. I might then either read for a couple of hours or go straight to the studio if I am keen to start early. My studio is just on the other side of the park, and I walk across the grass every morning to get there. I answer my e-mails and then try to turn off my phone and shut off the Internet so that I can focus on my artwork. I always listen to music, as I find that energetic music can make me draw much more energetic characters, or powerful music can make me paint atmospheric landscapes.

  • You can read Jenni’s full interview and more in Issue 15.
  • If you would like to know more about Jenni and her work, visit her website and Instagram account.