Jeanetta’s pins

Have you seen the colorful images that Amy van Luijk shared on our ‘Friends of Flow’ Pinterest board? She was our guest pinner for the month of August, and treated us to so many beautiful illustrations. Thanks Amy! For September, designer Jeanetta Gonzales from Los Angeles will take over and fill our board.

Jeanetta designs and illustrates various products, from stationery to ceramics. She describes her style as “Lively, a little funky and happy. I like to draw plants, flowers, patterns and food.”

Jeanetta usually does some research before starting out on a design and for that she regularly turns to Pinterest, which she says is a great source of inspiration and which she uses to create mood boards. But she also finds inspiration in her surroundings. “I’ve trained myself to see things in detail and to notice fascinating, striking things, like how the light falls on an object, a shadow on the street or a color combination in a passerby’s clothes.”

So, what can we expect this month on her ‘Friends of Flow’ board? “I love to pin colorful images, ones with a good composition that radiates energy. Abstract images, floral patterns, and illustrations with natural elements or catchy words.”

  • You can follow Jeanetta’s Pinterest board here.
  • You can see Jeanetta’s work on her website and Instagram.
  • You can read more about Jeanetta Gonzales in Issue 20, which is on sale as of September 12.
  • To see Amy’s Pinterest board, click here.