Ink artist Katy Smeets

Katy Smeets

In every Flow, three creative people tell about their work and what inspires them. In Issue 27, ink artist Katy Smeets (37) from Australia tells us why she started working with ink.

When did you start painting?

After working as a graphic designer for over ten years, I was unexpectedly made redundant while on maternity leave after the birth of my second son. I decided to embrace this time with my young family and really re-evaluated what I wanted in a creative job. I wanted to explore my creativity in new ways that didn’t always involve using a computer.

What is it about ink you like so much?

I fell in love with it from the 
first time that I used it. I was instantly addicted to the inks’ vibrancy and organic flow. The dyes that are in alcohol inks give them an unpredictable behavior, which can be challenging, but also surprising and exciting. As a sufferer of anxiety, I find the process of painting with inks very relaxing and it allows me to completely switch off from the outside world and immerse myself in my painting.

What kind of materials do you use?

Alcohol inks and rubbing alcohol on special coated paper called Yupo Paper. I rarely use a paintbrush; instead I push and guide the inks to let them pool, bloom and dry in order to get the effects I’m looking for. I sometimes like to add some extra detail with Posca pens.

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Text Jeannette Jonker Photography Katy Smeets