Ingrid van Willenswaard (2/4)


Wherever I go—and especially when I’m abroad—I’m always on the lookout for pretty paper. And it can come in any shape or form: wrapping paper, note pads, envelopes or even a beautiful bread bag from the baker. And if you ever happen to be in France, I strongly advise you pay a visit to the supermarket, especially one of the large ones. Their stationery sections have the most fantastic craft packets, which don’t cost much at all, and really lovely pastel-colored record cards.

The paper used for these folded pyramids comes from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers, as well as some origami paper I found in Paris (which I regret I didn’t buy more of, because I’ve almost run out already).

You can make these pyramids/peaks/triangles—I’m not entirely sure what to call them—in all sorts of sizes. You just need to start with a square piece of paper; the bigger the paper, the bigger your pyramids/peaks/triangles, of course. I used standard origami paper, which is 15 x 15 cm, to make these ones pictured here.


I hope the pictures/instructions are clear. At point 6, you need to fold the triangle in on itself again. It’s a bit fiddly, but it’s just a matter of trying (sometimes it takes me half an hour to get a folded piece of work done, particularly if there are lines and arrows that need to be followed, which ultimately don’t actually help me make it any quicker).

You can use the pyramids/peaks/triangles as nameplates on a beautifully set table, and insert the name card into the opening on the side. Or make a mobile by threading the pyramids/peaks/triangles on to a wire, and make a knot under each one otherwise they will slip down (something to do with gravity I think!). But then again, you might think it more fun to turn one into an umbrella (see photo 1 above)…

If you hang the pyramids/peaks/triangles with a thumbtack on the wall, all of a sudden, they’ll look very different indeed. I used some as the perfect place to display my mini collection of plastic trees (and wooden cactus). But you could choose to keep anything you want in them…

I wish you a lovely day. In one form or another, something new always looms ahead of us, so good luck and have fun with climbing whatever mountain you face.

Until next week (when I’ll be sharing a packaging make-it-yourself).