Heather Moore

In each issue of Flow Magazine, we ask three creative people: What are you up to? In Issue 17, one of them is Heather Moore, a designer and the owner of Skinny Laminx, living in Cape Town, South Africa. You can read a snippet of the article below.

What do you make?
I design patterns and have them screenprinted onto fabric which is then cut and sewn into homewares such as cushions, tea towels and table runners. My patterns are very simple and are usually inspired by ordinary thing I see, like shadows, plants, bricks or fences. I also write a blog about what I’m up to and the things that catch my eye.

How did you develop your skills?
I’ve pretty much learned everything on a need-to-know basis. I fell into illustration while I was at university studying to be an English and Drama teacher. I always liked to draw for fun, so one of my lecturers commissioned me to illustrate a textbook she’d written. After that, the publishers kept sending me more work. I learned more about drawing on some computerbased design tools when I worked at a comics company. At the same time, I started experimenting with patterns after my husband gave me a silkscreen frame and squeegee for my birthday.

  • You can read the interview in Issue 17
  • Do you want to see more of Heather? You can have a look on her website and Instagram.

Text Jeannette Jonker